Our selection of Alpine Ski Boots

Do you love skiing? Then take advantage of Trek Expert's extensive collection of low-priced alpine ski boots for men, women and children. Regardless of ta your level of skiing or your terrain, we've got the model that's right for you.

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A wide selection of alpine ski boots at the best price

Ta pair of alpine ski boots is the key to a successful ta ski day. They're certainly the part of your equipment that needs the most attention when buying. A guarantee of comfort, they insulate your feet from the cold and snow throughout ta. They also play a technical role in transmitting pressure from your feet to the ski. In short, it's only with the right boots that you'll be able to progress in downhill skiing. Trek Expert, your equipment partner outdoor, met ta offers a wide selection of ski boots for men, women and children at the best value for money. Whatever your level: beginner, intermediate or expert, you're sure to find the right boot for you at booster ta performance.

Langethe premium alpine ski boot brand

A pioneer in ski boot design, it was in 1948 that Bob Lange developed the first ski boot made of reinforced plastic and polyester resin. Since then, his products have continued to develop with new technologies and innovations. Today, they're among the most widely used boots, even among the world's top skiers. That's why we've chosen to stock the latest Lange collections, to offer you high-performance products and ensure maximum comfort. Its ranges are aimed at all types of skiers and all types of practice, so that everyone can find what they're looking for. For women, we recommend Lange RX 90 boots featuring Dual Core technology. They'll give you great sensations on the slopes. And for men, the versatile, durable and supportive SX rtl easy models are perfect.

How to choose your ski boots?

Choosing the right alpine ski boot is crucial. An unsuitable pair of boots can ruin ta your day in the mountains, and can cause pain in your feet, heel or legs. To find the right products for your needs, a number of factors need to be taken into account:


The premier most important factor in choosing a ski boot is the size. For optimum comfort, you can add up to one size larger than ta. The rule of thumb is that your foot should not touch the toe of the boot, for a compression-free fit. Ski sizes are given in Mondopoint. This is simply the length of your feet in cm. So a Mondopoint size 26 is equivalent to a foot 26 cm long.

Boot width

To cater for both wide-footed and thin-footed skiers, brands have developed different shell widths. This is specified in terms of boot volume in mm, known as fit. Choosing a boot with the same width as your foot gives you both comfort and control. To gain precision, choose a narrower fit .

The shell

The third selection criterion is the shell. Different shell volumes are determined by their rigidity, known as the flex index, which ranges from 60 to 150. The higher the flex, the stiffer and more reactive ta boots will be. Conversely, the lower the flex, the softer and more comfortable ta shoes will be. A soft pair is generally aimed at beginners, while experts prefer a high flex to multiply their energy and reactivity.

The liner

Finding the right alpine ski boot also involves considering the liner. This is the boot's element of comfort and insulation. Most of the time, it's made of traditional foam. But for greater comfort, opt for a thermoformable liner. This adapts to the shape of your foot during ta skiing sessions, for an optimal feeling of well-being. You need to consider the density of the foam. Soft foam gives you comfort, while dense foam gives you precision.

The buckle

The buckle is the fastening system that allows you to tighten your foot and adjust the shoe's fit according to ta practice. The number of buckles varies from 2 to 5 hooks. They can be made of plastic or aluminum. They can also be simple, micrometrically adjustable or macro-metrically adjustable.

Now that you know how to choose ta alpine ski boots, browse our wide selection and buy the model that appeals to you at the best price!