Our selection of Ski Hats

It's hard to ski without adequate protection against the cold, especially for the head. And one of the best ways to protect your head is with a hat! Manufactured by the leading brands in the ski industry, these protections enable skiers to evolve in the right conditions while taking care of their look!

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Hats for every ski enthusiast

To defend yourself effectively against the cold, it's essential to cover your head and ears. Did you know that 30% of heat loss occurs in this part of the body? Aware of the importance of offering skiers maximum comfort and protection, the major brands have developed quality caps. Whether for men, women or children, every skier can easily find the model that's right for him or her, since these products are all one size fits all! Discover these products at unbeatable prices!

Which model to choose for cold weather?

You've been waiting for it for a while, but now it's here! The cold, the snow, the mountains with their beautiful white coat... all the ingredients are there for you to indulge your ta passion for skiing. But despite all your excitement, you're one of those people who get particularly chilly when winter comes around! Don't panic, in order to withstand the cold, you just need to cover up the vulnerable parts of your body, especially your head! That's why you'll certainly need the right hats, whether you're skiing in powder or on hard snow! Thanks to their one-size-fits-all design, you'll soon be able to find the hat that's just right for you! All you have to do is choose the cut that suits your needs.

If you have voluminous hair, we recommend a long cut that falls to the neck. It's all about practicality! What's more, this kind of bonnet has the advantage of really signing off your look! Can't think of anything? Here are a few models to help you choose: Solid Thermalfrom Buff or the L3 from Dynastar! Access these products at exceptional prices via our website!

On the other hand, if your hair is less voluminous, you can also opt for a fitted cut. This is ideal for covering your ears and keeping them warm during your sessions! However, to give you a better listening experience, some models feature perforations in the ears! Take the Windproof Solid K M/L from Buff! Want more options? No problem, just choose from the Andorra from Reusch, the L3 Roosterfrom Rossignol or the 2 layers-yellow fluor from Buff! Whether you'rea man,a woman or a child , you'll quickly discover high-quality products at low prices!

What's the best material for ski hats?

Apart from cut, material is undoubtedly the most important criterion to take into account when choosing a particular model. Are you on a tight budget? When it comes to cost, hats designed in synthetic fibers (acrylic or polyester) are obviously less expensive. These have the advantage of being both lightweight and warm . However, despite their affordability and strengths, you should be aware that synthetic hats are particularly bad at absorbing moisture! What's more, they tend to be odor-prone if you use them for extended periods. Be prepared for frequent washing! If you want optimum softness and comfort, opt for fleece-lined synthetic models. Why? Simply because they provide more warmth!

But if you want the very best in ski hats, choose models made from merino wool!As well as being warm, they have the particularity of being highly moisture-resistant. In terms of comfort, this material has the advantage of being soft and, what's more, it doesn 't itch!