A wide selection of hikes at the best prices

Hiking and trekking are outdoor activities that allow you not only to exercise, but also to discover and contemplate nature. Whether the hike is short or long, it's important to equip yourself with specific equipment to ensure your comfort and ta performance.

Discover the full range of hiking and trekking equipment at the best prices, from top brands such as adidas Terrex, Columbia or The North Face.

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Hiking clothing and footwear for enjoyable hiking

Equipment is an essential factor in a sportsman's ability to perform in all circumstances! Take advantage of the latest innovations on hiking equipment ! Make the most of your outing by relying on the expertise of top brands such as The North Face, Columbia, Gore, Buff and Camelbak! All at reduced prices!

What equipment should you choose for hiking?

How do you choose the right footwear for such an activity?

Because hiking is all about walking , you need the right shoes for the job! Are you new to this discipline and know very little about it? Your choice should be based on your itinerary and, above all, the type of terrain you'll be walking on! For easy trails, opt for shoes that are both flexible and lightweight . For more technical terrain, it's advisable to consider the following criteria: stability, cushioning and durability. And for uneven terrain, choose shoes that can give you maximum grip as well as good foot support. You can choose between several models, such as the Premium waterproof-leather from The North Face or the Trailmaker from adidas Terrex. Equipped with a grippy ultra outsole, they provide maximum safety! Treat yourself to these sneakers at an unbeatable price!

What to wear downstairs?

Since walking for hours on end in nature requires a great deal of freedom of movement, you'll need lightweight clothing! If it's really hot, opt for shorts! Made from hard-wearing, breathable fabric, they'll keep you comfortable on any terrain! The R5 from Gore or the Standard from The North Face will do the trick! For colder weather, opt for pants instead ! Choose models made from nylon fabric, as they are water-resistant and quick-drying. What's more, you'll be well protected on hard surfaces and sharp edges. Choose between the Terrex Hike from Adidas or the R3 Zip-off Windstopper from Gore. The latter are available at rock-bottom prices!

What about tops?

Are you planning to go hiking or trekking in the middle of summer? We recommend short-sleeved tops! As well as being lightweight, they incorporate anti-breathing technology to keep you dry at all times. But as you know, since hiking is an outdoor activity, weather conditions can change abruptly! That's why it's a good idea to always carry a jacket. It'll keep you warm in windy and rainy conditions! Our hiking jackets are made from polyester and padded for optimum comfort. If you're short of ideas, choose one of the following models: the Rainforest Pocket Print from Napapijri, the R3 Active from Gore or the Gosei Puffer Jacket from The North Face. Get these jackets at low prices !

Additional hiking accessories

Hiking in the great outdoors means exposure to external elements that can easily distract! Starting with the sun's rays! If you don't want to suffer the damaging effects of UV rays, you absolutely need a cap. Choose waterproof, durable and breathable models! The moss green from Buff or the Tex M from Gore are perfect for you! As well as a cap, don't forget to bring water bottles so you can stay properly hydrated! Choose thermally-insulated models to keep ta cool. And don't forget theergonomic design to ensure an easy grip! The Podium big chill from Camelbak should certainly inspire you! Last but not least, there may be times when you have to hold on tight to an obstacle! At the risk of injury, you need to wear the right gloves! Choose gloves made from breathable materials with high-performance insulation .