Outdoor clearance sale

Discover all our clearance products to stock up on cheap outdoor equipment on ta Trek-Expert online store: hiking, trail running, winter sports, fishing, outdoor sports. Take advantage of our promotions and special offers to find quality items at bargain prices.

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Clearance and special offers: Trek-Expert has the bargains!

Hiking, trail running , winter sports, fishing... Attention outdoor enthusiasts! Stock clearance means bargains. Trek-expert has put together a huge selection of outdoor products for men and women at bargain prices.Seize the opportunity to equip yourself from head to toe, and find the best value for your money: jerseys, t-shirts, tank tops, underwear, shorts, pants, jackets, tracksuits, down jackets, hats, tours neckwear, shoes, socks, flip-flops, fishing gear, cycling equipment... All the big names you're looking for.lo... All your favorite top brands are here, so you can shop for top-quality equipment and accessories for as little as possible: Asics adidas , Korum, Nash, Preston, Puma, The North Face, Under Armour, Buff... Explore our selection and quickly find the items you need or want to renew without leaving home.

Everything you need for hiking at bargain prices

Hiking is both a sport and a leisure activity, and you'll need minimum to enjoy it. Our different models of low-priced hiking boots will give you greater comfort in the field. Need a new outfit? Take advantage of our clearance items to refresh ta wardrobe: light t-shirts for summer, jackets for walking in peace on windy days, caps to protect you from the heat in style, branded backpacks to carry the essentials in a practical way, and so much moreautres. You'll also find divers low-cost accessories to complete your equipment: walking poles, fanny packs, water bottles, watches Garmin...

Textiles and footwear from trail running

Looking for high-quality, low-cost trail running gear? Don't miss out on our great offers! Take advantage of a special promotion on the best brands of trail shoes. When it comes to textile products, there's something for everyone: from long-sleeved jerseys to technical jackets, tank tops, shorts, and gloves. Whether you're a beginner or an expert runner, you're sure to find the products that suit you best at the best price.

Exceptional discounts on fishing equipment up to 80% off

Sport fishing enthusiasts and casual anglers alike can rejoice at Trek-expert. To help you live out ta your passion or your favorite pastime, you'll find reliable, high-quality fishing equipment at unbeatable prices in our online store: rods, fluorocarbon line, braided line, hooks, landing nets, leaders, foams, plugs, floats... We also provide ta with storage boxes to store all the elements, very practical for setting up ta fishing rod. You'll also find all our bait and groundbait products on sale for carp fishing: boilies of all sizes, as well as prepared seeds.

Cheap winter sports equipment

For your winter sports activities, you'll always need equipment that combines protection and comfort. Our winter sports department features a vast selection of products at irresistible prices to fine-tune ta or trail. Take advantage of this opportunity to equip yourself without breaking the bank, with high-quality products from well-known brands such as The North Face, Kappa: hats, undershirts, Gore-Tex jackets, down jackets, knee pads, protective sleeves, ski pants, ski gloves...

Divers quality promotional products for your outdoor activities

ta Hiking, running, trekking, trail, cycling, swimming... Whatever your preferred discipline, Trek-Expert has a wide range of premium-quality products for all levels. Take advantage of our clearance sale to benefit from great prices on our sportswear outdoor as well as our divers accessories for your outdoor activities: tights gore, leggings, shorts, swimwear, bikinis, flip-flops, bike helmets... and lots more surprises. Our team also has a vast selection of men's and women's footwear designed specifically for outdoor sports, so you can enjoy ta in perfect conditions: running shoes, trail shoes, cycling shoes.