The best shoes trail Saucony

trail Saucony shoes are available in a wide range of atypical and attractive colors, the trail running shoe range offers the grip, stability, responsiveness and support you need to cover the miles on divers types of terrain.

The trail models suitable for exploring new paths are the Peregrine, Guide, Excursion, Xodus and Mad River ranges.

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What are the characteristics of a trail Saucony shoe?

Often practiced on steep terrain, trail running is a discipline that has specific expectations when it comes to footwear. That's why Saucony takes the design of its shoes seriously through performance features such as:

  • Lightness : whether on long or short distances, the traileur needs to wear pairs that don't weigh so as to benefit from maximum comfort and feel less fatigue.
  • Sturdiness : as mentioned above, the trails on which trail is practiced are not soft. To guarantee abrasion resistance and maximum durability, sneakers from trail must be made from high-quality, extremely sturdy materials. This sturdiness is also beneficial insofar as it confers good shock absorption for optimum foot protection.
  • Stability : achieved through consistent cushioning and solid construction, stability in a pair of shoes, in this case trail, avoids false movements to enable wearers to run with complete peace of mind.
  • Grip : running on slippery, rocky, muddy or snowy terrain is no easy task with normal shoes. With this in mind, the sneaker experts at outdoor have developed soles with non-marking studs and exceptional grip, to perfectly match every irregularity of the ground. This quality guarantees even better grip, enabling runners to tackle all ascents and descents with ease.
  • Support : Running on unstable surfaces can be hard on the feet. Poorly supported shoes can cause discomfort or even injury. A runner's sneakers must therefore fit the shape of his or her feet perfectly. This may be due to a soft reinforcement inside, an ergonomic upper or a perfectly fitted instep.

While the above are the main features of a good pair of shoes for trail, each practice and terrain type has its own range. Saucony innovates every season, based on feedback from the brand's customers, to meet their expectations as closely as possible. Here's a brief description of each of them.

Shoes from trail Saucony Peregrine

Whatever the weather, whatever the distance, whatever the irregularity of the slopes, Saucony Peregrine shoes are up to the task. The ultimate all-round shoe for trail , they feature PWRTRAC rubber lugs and PWRRUN cushioning for aggressive, responsive grip, ideal for fast runners on steep terrain. Exceptionally reliable, these extremely sturdy trail Saucony shoes offer excellent shock absorption for optimum foot protection. Their waterproof textile upper allows you to run with complete peace of mind in more or less extreme conditions. Available in men's and women's models, Saucony peregrine 11, Saucony Peregrine 11 gtx, Saucony Peregrine 11 st, Saucony Peregrine 10 gtx and Peregrine10 ST shoes are available from our online store at unbeatable prices.

trail Saucony Guide

FeaturingPWRTRAC rubber lug soles and comfortablePWRRUN cushioning, these trail shoes offer both good stability and quality grip so you can tackle rough terrain mile after mile with ease. Unlike classic running shoes, trail shoes are not selected on the basis of stride type, due to the unevenness of the ground. However, the Saucony Guide range is unique in that it features astride orientation system that allows your feet to be in perfect harmony with the ground in all circumstances. A high level of support adds to the comfort, stability and safety of your feet. Numerous men's and women's models are available at ta at unbeatable prices, including Saucony Guide 13 shoes.

trail Saucony Xodus shoes

Available in a range of sizes and colors, trail Saucony Xodus shoes stand out from the autres range for their exceptional robustness.nom Equipped with PWRTRAC rubber outsole lugs and PWRRUN+ cushioning, they offer the best possible grip on rough terrain, enabling you to negotiate any obstacle with ease. Comfortable and perfectly ventilated thanks to a breathable mesh upper that is both solid and supple, these shoes from trail are specially designed for long-distance nature races fromendurance. Several models are now available in our online store at special prices. We particularly recommend Saucony xodus 10 shoes for men and women.