The best shoes trail Mizuno

Mizuno 's strength is to offer you maximum comfort during your trail races. To meet your expectations in terms of trail shoes, Mizuno offers 3 specific models: Hayate (short-distance), Daichi (all-purpose) and Mujin (ultra trail ).

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How to choose your trail shoes?

Astrail ispractised on mostly steep terrain, it requires port specific footwear, adapted to the conditions of the trails. Here are the basic characteristics of a good pair of running shoes:

  • Grip: arguably the most important feature of all, the exceptional grip provided by trail sneakers enables trail runners to tackle all kinds of rugged trails.

  • Protection: whether against impact, cold or heat, shoes are basically designed to provide maximum protection for the feet. In a discipline such as trail, which is generally practised in the wilderness, it is essential that this protection be even more pronounced. Especially as the feet play a major role. Your pairs should therefore be made from technical materials that guarantee excellent impact absorption and temperature management.

  • Stability and support : dotted with little things that can cause falls, such as pebbles and roots, the slopes of trail often demand sneakers with strong support and stability. This will prevent slips and twisted muscles.

  • Waterproofing: mud, puddles, snow, rainfall, etc. To protect feet from all these external elements , trail shoes must be perfectly waterproof.

  • Breathability: for a feeling of comfort at all times, your trail sneakers must be made from technical materials offering perfect ventilation.

  • Cushioning : for comfortable, high-performance running, your shoes also need excellent cushioning. Hence the importance of choosing the right midsoles and outsoles. For those with a heeling stride, it's important to have the ideal drop.

  • Below, we've compiled a short inventory of the best shoeranges from trail Mizuno and their special features.

    Shoes from trail mizuno Hayate

    Dedicated to high-speed nature runners over short distances, trail Mizuno Hayate shoes are a perfect blendlange of lightness and performance. Aimed at fast runners looking for stability, they are perfectly suited to universal strides on trail courses or in urban environments. Incorporating wave technology , they provide quality cushioning and excellent shock absorption. They also feature a soft midsole for added comfort without weighing you down. Solid, resistant and durable, they feature flexible, well-ventilated uppers, guaranteeing perfect ventilation and natural foot movement throughout your efforts. As well as being comfortable and high-performance, these sneakers from trail feature thermo-glued socks that ensure a snug fit and prevent any kind of chafing that could be a source of discomfort. Available in men's and women's models , they can be purchased at unbeatable prices in our online store.

    trail mizuno Mujin shoes

    On the other hand, when it comes toultra -trail, we opt for pairs that are better suited to rough terrain, such as trail Mizuno Mujin shoes. Particularly robust and durable, these lightweight running sneakers are ideal for runners with universal strides over long distances .Featuringwave technology for exceptional cushioning and excellent stability, they provide wearers with excellent energy transfer and unrivalled ground contact feel. The soles are fitted with studs that offer superior gripnom and great flexibility to adapt to every irregularity of greasy or hard terrain. Their sturdiness makes them the perfect shoes to tackle any trail at trail with ease and finesse. Their mesh upper offers both solid support and perfect ventilation for optimal comfort. For even greater ease of movement, port is equipped with an ergonomic midsole. Soft and supple, the midsole offers extra support and prevents unpleasant rubbing. And to top it all off, they incorporate toe reinforcements to keep toes safe from shocks and all manner of infiltrations that can harm the feet.

    Shoes from trail mizuno Daichi

    To alternate between these two types of running, we recommend the Daichirange . Characterized by multidirectional traction soles, they guarantee dynamic strides and exceptional support. Developed by Michelin, these soles easily adapt to every irregularity of greasy, hard or wet terrain, allowing you to move from one type of track to another without constraint. Incorporating wave technology for responsive cushioning and maximum stability, and the XtaRide process for fluid, stable, grippy strides, they are the ideal pair for all your wilderness runs. Perfectly supported, they feature a sturdy mesh upper for optimum breathability and natural foot movement for an enhanced, long-lasting feeling of comfort.